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    I have been scouring the internet and message boards for a definitive solution to this issue. I have discovered many useful things and cleaned up quite a bit of other things but this issue is still around.

    What I want to do is specify which of my domain controllers is to be looked at for the sysvol/netlogon. I have a W2K3 SP2 environment(1PDC and 2 BDC at different locations), multiple terminal servers located at the same location as the PDC, and client PC's at 7 different locations. The PDC and TSs are at my office. Everything is tied back to my office with direct T1's from each location. In a nutshell, my office is the hub of the wheel and the T1's are the spokes.

    For some reason, the terminal servers and client PC's grab their login script and GPO's from random places. There is no pattern or way to predict which one they will use.

    I have setup Sites and Services and subnets but it has not helped one bit.

    Can anyone tell me how to make/force all the computers and servers grab their logon info from the PDC? With that being said, in case the PDC is down I would like them to grab it from another server.

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    Re: NTFRS and SYSVOL

    "I have set up sites and services and subnets but it has not helped one bit"

    Please specify what on Earth you mean by this statement.
    Do you mean that:

    1. Each of your Sites is using a UNIQUE subnet or subnets, and you have added this/these subnet(s) as an object in the Sites and Services MMC,
    2. You have created Site and Site Link objects for each geographical site in the Sites and Services MMC,
    and 3. You have correctly associated Subnet objects with Site objects in the Sites and Services MMC


    If this IS what you mean, then clients in each Site, with IP addresses in the Subnet(s) allocated to that Site, WILL LOG ON AND GET THEIR SYSVOL FROM THE DOMAIN CONTROLLERS AT THAT SITE.

    This is the only way in AD to ensure that logons and associated activity occur on the "Local" domain controller.

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      Re: NTFRS and SYSVOL

      Sorry I didn't explain the ADS&S setup. I can see what you mean by it sounding bunk.

      I erred in my configuration of Sites and Services. Thanks for the help.