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add 2003 to windows 2000 domain

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  • add 2003 to windows 2000 domain

    Hello to all forum

    Server 2000 to sp4
    Server 2003 sp2
    I must add server 2003 to the domain of the server 2000 as additional domain

    List of operations
    Installation Server 2003 as client to server 2000
    Server 2000 running on the command:
    Adprep / domainprep
    Adprep / forestprep / gpprep
    No problem

    20003 server running on the program dcpromo
    Run procedure to add domnio

    error :

    Unable to continue with Setup Wizard Active Directory since the forest is not prepared for the installation of Windows Server 2003. Using the tool Adprep from the command line to prepare the forest and domain. For more information about using Adprep, refer to Active Directory.

    The version of the Active Directory schema in the forest of origin is not compatible with the version of Active Directory on computer

    What is my mistake?

    Thanks Alberto

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    Re: add 2003 to windows 2000 domain

    I have an uncertainty

    the adprep /domainprep must be run in windows 2000 or in windows 2003 sp2

    Forgive my beginner status

    thanks Alberto


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      Re: add 2003 to windows 2000 domain

      adprep must be run on one of your existing domain controllers; i.e. in Windows 2000. It prepares your AD to receive Windows Server 2003 Domain Controllers.

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        Re: add 2003 to windows 2000 domain

        Don't forget the forestprep & domainprep are on the second disk if you are installing 2003 Server R2.
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          Re: add 2003 to windows 2000 domain

          Thank you for the suggestion

          i have Relaunched adperp/forestperp frmo the 2nd cd folder Cmpnents\R2\Adprep.

          all resolved

          Many thanks Alberto


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            Re: add 2003 to windows 2000 domain

            do any of you know if I run this fix

            and if the fix is not needed, does it do something bad or it doesn't do anything if the fix is not needed. I have an existed 2000 domain with exchange 2000.
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