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email address in AD User Setup could it be different?

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  • email address in AD User Setup could it be different?


    I just install my first AD Domain on a Windows 2003. My domain name is different name then my actual email domain. Like the AD Domain is " " but my email domain is "".

    So what should I fill it into the email address field? By following the actual AD domain name "[email protected]" or filling in the actual email address "[email protected]"?

    TIA and best regards,

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    Re: email address in AD User Setup could it be different?

    you fill in the domain that the rest of the world will be resolving outside your org.

    frig sample...

    my internal AD domain name is ""

    the FQDN of the website that we run is "" we have also purchased the other domain so there is no confusion. so i own both "" and ""...

    the MX record lists = (just for sake of discussion, its not really that IP)

    the exchange server is named, and it accepts mail for the domain the external address for all users is [email protected] and the user name is [email protected]... make sense?

    the domain is masqueraded so the address is reflective of this domain situation:
    Set the Masquerade Domain
    The masquerade domain replaces any local domain name that is used in any Mail From lines in the protocol. The replacement occurs on the first hop only.
    1. In the MMC, click to select the SMTP virtual server, and then click Properties on the Action menu.
    2. On the Delivery tab, click Advanced to open the Advanced Delivery dialog box.
    3. For Masquerade domain, type a domain name that you want to appear in message headers, instead of the actual name of the domain.
    NOTE: All replies to such messages are routed through the SMTP virtual server that uses the masquerade domain.
    read more about the proper configuration of the v SMTP server:

    hope that helps... sorry it was kinda remedial, i just wanted to make sure i was semi-clear.
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      Re: email address in AD User Setup could it be different?

      Hi James,

      Thanks for the information. Guess, it would be alright I just filled in the email address at the AD user's properties as in actual email domain "" instead of adhering to the AD domain name.

      Btw, the email server is not Exchange Server at the moment but Exchange compatible "Kerio MailServer". Exchange 2007 is too complex and demanding for a small company less than 10 users anyway!