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User from domain A to login to domain B

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  • User from domain A to login to domain B

    I have a number of users in Domain A who need to log in to domain B. When they log into domain B, a number of GPOs need to be applied to their user settings. They will be logging into domain B only on computers which only exist on Domain B.

    What's the best way to set this up other than to recreate the users from Domain A into Domain B?

    Note: Domain B is a very restrictive domain, via its GPOs, as it lives in a test laboratory.
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    Re: User from domain A to login to domain B

    Apply a GPO with loopback turned on on the computers that users will logon to and use security filtering to control who will receive the policy (a security group from Domain A containing the user accounts should do).
    Put your settings in the User Settings part of the GPO.
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