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translating security with admt v2

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  • translating security with admt v2

    i am migrating member servers ( both NT and win2000 ) from nt to ad 2003. I am using with ADMT v2. I have one problem. My first scenerio is that i can only perform security translation when i log on to DC, which DOES not hold pdc emulator with the AD domain admin account, and everything works fine. I migrated the server, then run security translation wizard with add option and finally with the remove option.

    But in scond scenerio ; when i log on to DC ,which holds PDC emulator role, with the source domain\administrator account, it doesnt translate security on migrated servers. it doesnt give any error message but when i checked the ACL on the migrated member server, i can not see second entry that should be there since i have chosen add option in the security translation wizard, which i am having in first scenerio

    Basically , what i have is just opposite to what should be. ( as for admt V3, everything is as it shoud be )

    what is the thing i am not seeing. this doent make sense



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    Re: translating security with admt v2

    do me a favor and check out this link and verify that you have followed the steps needed to set this up correctly.

    it has lots of pretty screenshots of an NT PDC and other antique computer setups.

    and you never know... it may help you to find your problem and fix it yourself.

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