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permission problem, HELP!!!

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  • permission problem, HELP!!!

    god this should be SO simple...

    2 domains in 2 different forests with a trust between them.
    i need a domain admin account in domain1 to ALSO have domain admin rights in domain 2. can someone please tell me how to do this? apparently i have to create a new group in one of the domains (global, universal...?) and add the user to the group, then add the group to another group in domain2 but i cant make it work.


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    Re: permission problem, HELP!!!

    hello friend
    IMO you should create an Universal security group - which its purpose is to allow "permission" flow between domains, among others.
    create an universal group which will be member in both domains administrators groups and add a users which include those permissions.
    pretty simple, and im hope we are talking about the same thing.

    good evening.