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  • Infrastruture Masrter Error - Active Drectory Gurus

    I will try and give you as much information as I can and hopefully I can get this resolved. First, we have 1 domain and 2 Domain Controllers...DC1 & DC2. DC1 has the Schema Master, Domain Master, RID Master, PDC roles installed and is the global catalog server. DC2 has just the Infrastructure Master role. DC2 had a hard drive go bad, so what we did was get a new drive and installed Windows 2003 server on it(had Windows 2000 server on it before that). We did not demote the server or anything else, just replaced the drive and updated to Windows 2003. So, as of now both DC have Windows 2003 server installed on them. One day I decided to run dcdiag knowsofroleholders and noticed I received a warning message after it finished running. The error that I was getting was Warning: CN=NTDS Settings follwed by the cn attribute, blah blah is the Infrastructure Update Owner, but is deleted

    So then, I ran ADSIedit went to CN=Configuration\CN=Sites\Servers\Our Domain Controller(DC2)\CN=NTDS Settings and noticed that the cn attribute is totally different than the cn attribute I was getting the error on when I ran dcdiag.

    Does anybody know what steps I need to take in order to clean this up? I wanted to run metadata cleanup, but not sure what it is going to cleanup? The old cn attribute that is displaying in the warning message or the newer cn attribute that I'm seeing in ADSI, since DC2 was brought back into the network with the same computer name. Sorry the post is long, just wanted to include as much information as possible.

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    Re: Infrastruture Masrter Error - Active Drectory Gurus

    netdom query fsmo
    to check status

    and you can seize Infrastructure role with dsa.msc or ntdsutil
    With best regards, Victor