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  • dns query

    dear all, honest this is not a double post, but i have been having some exchange issues, and i wondered to make sure that my dns is working, can i just delete all the lookup records both forwards and backwards and let it populate again, as i noticed a couple that were more than 7 days old that can't be right (same hostname) and wondered if that would be causing an issue with the exchange server?

    i would say though that i have no login or drive mapping issues, and even the exchange server can ping and connect to the dns server.

    my dns server is a 2000 box, and is running as one of 3 dc's in a mixed mode domain.

    i wondered if anyone could tell me is it that simple to get it to repopulate?


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    Re: dns query

    dear all, thanks for any info you post, the issue is resolved but i wonder still if i can force dns to repopulate the way i have asked.


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      Re: dns query

      Have you set upo aging/scavenging on the Zones? You can also manually force a scavenge cycle which may get rid of these stale records.

      As long as you re-register the server after deleting the records then they shoudl re-appear as you say...
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        Re: dns query

        hi, yes i have scavenging set up, thats why i was a bit perplexed as to why i had these records that should not have been there. i will try forcing a scavenge as you suggest and take it from there.

        thanks for the info.