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  • AD and IIS

    I am looking for a way to let an associate of mine add users with exchange mailboxes via a web page setup. This would be easier than having them log on to the server (which I am not totally comfortable with) and setting up a user in AD.

    Does this make sense? I would like for them to be able to add a user via an iternal web page.

    Anyone know of a solution? Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: AD and IIS

    Soo....your looking for a web page that runs a script and the script is to add users to AD (with a mailbox)?

    Such a script (with more fluff) can be found here.

    Btw why not install the admin tools or just ADUC on their terminal and check their rights so they can only do as you want them to? Much much easier I would think.
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