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GPO to prevent Floppy, CDs, and USB

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  • GPO to prevent Floppy, CDs, and USB

    Deal folks,

    I need an effective solution to prevent domain users from accessing their USB, Floppy, and CDs.
    I tried as a previous solution an administrative template to do so, but after applying the template to Active Directory, the template name is shown but without any settings on it.

    I have got the administrative template for the forum.

    Please I need this help...this is serious...

    I'm runnnig Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition with Active Directory installed on it, and users are running windows XP Professional with Secrvice Pack 2.


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    Re: GPO to prevent Floppy, CDs, and USB

    I had this very same problem, with a different .adm file.

    In the GPO Editor you are using, select View>Filtering and uncheck the "Only show policy settings that can be fully managed" checkbox. You will no be able to see the new settings in the right hand pane.
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      Re: GPO to prevent Floppy, CDs, and USB

      Locked due to it being a double post. Other post is here.
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