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DFS Replication (or lack of it)

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  • DFS Replication (or lack of it)


    I've created a DFS Root in AD. Replicated it to another domain controller. I've added various links and on some created replica links.
    One perticular server however is not replicating on all links. Some of the folders do and some don't.
    As far as i've worked out it's the shares that have been compacted that are not replicating. Is this a standard microsoft 'feature'?

    If i've got to remove the compression before it will start replicating then i've got a slight problem as there isn't enough storage to uncompress!

    Anyone known about this problem? Oh, the server with compressed data is a standard 2k server and it's being replicated to a 2k3 Storage Server NAS box.

    Thanks, Brian