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Two domains sharing resources setup problems

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  • Two domains sharing resources setup problems

    I have this office with an existing domain I created for the a while back. Now they want to have a secondary domain, but both domains will share internet, firewall, DHCP from the router. I got the new servers for the new domain set up, plug them in, now the new domain server can ping addresses from the old domain, but the old domain servers or PC's cannot ping the new servers IP!!!! So I cannot get the necessary PC to join the new domain because they cannot see the server for the new domain. I have been working at this for several hours. the new server has DNS and Wins configured... nothing. I even tried to set up on the PC I wanted to join the new server, to setup DNS in tcpip properties to be the IP from the new server.... nothing. I tried to set up a trust relationship between the domains, it was created but cannot be verified. I am at a point that I want to jump out of the roof....

    All servers are Windows2003 Enterprise, and all PCs are Windows XP Pro.

    Just to try, I reseted the IP properties of the new server from static to get one from DHCP to see if it could reach DHCP, and it did not problem, and can get internet too.....

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Two domains sharing resources setup problems

    Could you please post an IPCONFIG from a member of each domain, plus your router settings.

    AFAIK, as long as there is only a single DHCP server, multiple domains can live on the same subnet

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      Re: Two domains sharing resources setup problems

      Hello Tom,

      Thank you for replying.... Well, the problem is a bit different now. probably because on the router I removed the domain name section last night. So this morning all PC's can ping the new server. So I thought, great, I should be able to joint this PCs (currently joint to the old server), to the new server. But I am getting the error: "The specified server cannot perform the requested operation"

      Why not? *&^*#@()@..... sorry, lots of frustration, I only got about 5 hours sleep, and all this needs to be ready for tomorrow morning



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        Re: Two domains sharing resources setup problems

        Also, I forgot to mention: I can ping on any of the PCs (which at this moment all are part of the old domain) with the name of the server, so the name resolution is working correctly. Lastly, My network place shows both domains, and if you click on the new server, it requests the ID and password, once it is provided, you gain access to the server!!!! So why I cannot joint any of these PCs to the new domain?

        Thanks ,