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ADI zone & DC registration problem

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  • ADI zone & DC registration problem


    I have Win2003 DC equiped with two NICs - one for LAN and the other one for WAN connection (actually there are two DCs, replicating each other). There are ADI DNS zone for LAN and other non-ADI zones for WAN IPs. All worksations register in ADI and other, non-DC servers (connected to both networks) should register in ADI with LAN IP ONLY. To do this I uncheck the "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" option for WAN NICs - and this WORKS - WAN IPs don't appear in ADI zone.
    The problem is, that this doesn't work with DCs - they register all their IPs in ADI zone which makes a mess. Workstations trying to connect to DC, using intranet DNS zone, get its WAN IP instead of LAN IP and because of this, all further traffic passes the router.
    When a DC is an NLBS node, the NLBS IP is also being registered in ADI zone. When you want to connect to the server (to a particular port which is load-balanced) using its local domain name, you actually connect to NLBS IP, so you don't event know which node you reach.

    I already tried entering proper "Connection specific domain suffix" for each connection or leaving one of them blank - no success.

    How can I force DCs not to register ALL their IPs in ADI DNS zone?
    I didn't find any solution for this on the Internet so far... HELP!