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REPAdmin and bizarre results!!!

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  • REPAdmin and bizarre results!!!


    I ran REPADMIN on DC1, we have 2. When I do repadmins /showreps servername it gave me a successfull result BUT:

    The objectGuid and invocationID have the same number. In MicroSoft Documentation it should be different.
    I am worry to cause more damage to the DCs if I run repadmins to fix replication issues.


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    When I did repadmin on the second DC the numbers are different:


    On DC1
    objectGuid #SIDNUMBER_A#
    invocationID #SIDNUMBER_A#
    repadmin successfull

    On DC2
    objectGuid #SIDNUMBER_B#
    invocationID #SIDNUMBER_C#
    repadmin successfull


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      If you are on W2K3, try "repadmin /replsum" to see if you have any replication errors.

      In any case, the relevan page on MS site is having problems, but the google's cache does wonders: en&lr=lang_en|lang_iw|lang_ru&strip=1

      have you ever backed up your AD ?
      Guy Teverovsky
      "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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        Sorry. the network in Windows 2000 servers with WinXP, Pro and 98 as workstations.

        I did look to events log and the ressource kit for W2K about replication errors and no errors were found.

        Is the "repadmin /replsum" will be useful on W2K???

        All of this is because all shared printers disappear from the DS within 24 hours!!!



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          sorry, no /replsum switch on W2K
          but if you do not get any errors when running repadmin /showreps against all your DCs, you are ok from the replication point of view.

          do you have any other errors/warnings ?
          Guy Teverovsky
          "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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            I did create a new printer on a complete different member. Suddenly all printers came back in the DS for about 24 hours! And no errors found in all logs or repadmin. Here below the network parameters. Is it possible to be relate the WINS entry orders? Or any other Ideas?

            DC1 is running, DC, DS, GC, DNS, WINS, DHCP, Exchange 2K
            DC2 is running, DC, DS, DNS, WINS and Brightstor ArcServe v9 (to backup DC1 and 2 and all member servers)

            All Clients have configured via DHCP: DNS1 and DNS2, WINS1 and WIN2, domain

            DC1= DNS1, DNS2, DNS Gateway, WINS1,WINS2
            DC2=DNS1, DNS2, WINS2, WINS1




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              When I did repadmin /showreps I didn't get errorsbut in FRS events log I have some. No errors in DS events log.

              at 5:05:38pm = 13501
              at 5:05:53pm = 13516
              at 10:02:05pm = 13501
              at 10:02:25pm = 13516
              at 12:25:05pm = 13508
              at 12:27:05pm = 13509

              Those errors and events was intermitant on DC1, but since July 2004 only some 13501 and 13516.

              On DC2,

              one 13516 in August, one 13501 and one 13516 in October 2004.

              May be this will help, the DC1 was installed and configured 1 year before DC2.

              Thanks for you suggestions and ideas!



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                In addition here what I did find on events log for DC1.

                Event 47
                The Printer represented by PrintQueue LDAP://CN=SERVER2-HP LaserJet 2300 Series PCL 5e,CN=SERVER2,CN=Computers,DC=domain,DC=com cannot be found: 709.

                Thanks for you feedback