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  • live communication server 2005

    hi, we currently have a single forest with multiple domains (5000 users), all of which are in a productive environment. we are looking at establishing a testlab for the purpose of evaluating LCS 2005 and sharepoint. all policies and Global Cataglog information will be replicated to the new domain via a interdomain one-way trust.

    unfortunately, during the setup of lcs, it needs to modify the schema master at forest root level with forestprep. my original idea was to establish a new domain in the existing forest, and then having the ad modifcations made there. It is not permitted that any of the existing domains be effected in any way with root schema changes.

    therefore my question to you is, will i have to establish a new forest, establish a new domain, establish a interforest trust and then run forestprep on the new forest?

    thanks in advance for any feedback

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    Re: live communication server 2005

    LCS is going through our organisation at the moment,

    we used a secondary forrest to test the schema changes. (we did the same for exchange 2007)

    as theyre schema changes, the only way to test it in an environment separate to production is in a different forrest.