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  • MMC & AD Snap-in

    I have a problem with MMC
    • Log-in with domain Admin
    • Create a snap-in for Active Directory with
    • Log-in as normal user
    • Right click Run As (Domain\PowerUser)
    • I get an error message “c:\AD.msc The directory name is invalid”
    • Log-off domain Admin and log-in Domain\PowerUser
    • Double click on AD.msc
    • It open and working fine
    How I can make a normal user to Run As (Domain\PowerUser) the MSC file?

    I hope this clear

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    Re: MMC & AD Snap-in

    Try running it this way,

    - Create a new shortcut:

    %windir%\system32\runas.exe /user:Domain\PowerUser "mmc.exe \"c:\AD.msc\""

    - Give the shortcut the name: "AD.msc"
    - Give it a new icon.

    -now, dubbelclick on the icon, and enter a password



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      Re: MMC & AD Snap-in

      I followed your steps and I am getting this error !

      I haven't change my MMC version or did any update !!! and the PowerUser is delegate to do some admin work on a specific OU
      And the msc file have been create on the windows XP workstation (c:\AD.msc is the files it self and not shortcut)
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