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  • Change scheme with GPO

    How can I change users default scheme (background colors) with GPO when logging on to a Terminal Server in an Active Directory


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    not really clear about the question...

    not really clear about the question...

    anyhow, you cannot change backgound image when using TS manually.

    the background and all the color properties (what u seem to refered as scheme) are beeing set for the user who logs on to the computer no matter if he log's on locally or through TS (all though being connected through TS has its own Graphics limitations for bandwidth reasons) and i don't know any specific setting that allows you to seperate the normal and TS background settings.

    if your want to change the "so called scheme", ran a gpo that will define certain settings for a specific users, or groups on all the computers as a mandatory profile and you will get the same result in TS.
    Yaniv Feldman
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      You can set the wallpaper for the users through GPO.
      The caveat is that this is a User setting, hence it is applied per user and not per computer.
      The workaround is usually to use GPO loopback processing mode - a common aproach in the case of TS, but you will need to review your existing environment to see whether loopback is good for you.
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