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  • AD Sites and Services HELP!!!

    Background Information
    At present I have two offices one located in Canada the other in the Caribbean. Each office has its own domain and its own Active Directory structure. The offices are connected by a VPN. A two way trust relationship is configured between Barbados and Canada. Barbados office has a 768Kbps internet connection, Canada office (Main office) has a T1 internet connection. There are also some home offices located throughout Canada which also connect to the Canadian office using VPN connections. These home offices all have T1 internet connections. The Canadian main office has 35 persons, with some users working from home throughout varying parts of Canada. Barbados has 15 persons. Each office is presently running Exchange 2003 and Windows 2003.

    Future Network
    I am seeking to integrate the offices. I am thinking of implementing a simple network. Where I would have one domain, and two sites. Main office would be running a 192.168.65.x addressing scheme and the remote site in Barbados a 192.168.66.x scheme.

    I am not familiar with AD Sites and Services

    Is it possible for someone to provide me with a step by step guide as to how I would need to configure AD sites and services

    Would the configuration of this service happen at the remote site and the main office or only at the main office.

    I have to install WIN2k3 on a server in the main office and would create the new forest from there. With the present setup with the other domain controllers running in Canada and Barbados. How can I get these machine readded to the new domain once it is up and running.

    Can I simply run DCPROMO on all the servers in the network to decomission them and then readd once the new forest is created

    I know this is a mouthful but any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    In Microsoft Technet, you can find a step-by-step guide for using Sites in a domain 2003 enviorment.

    here is the link.

    this guide is comprehensive and contains links to many sub-guides for every questions you might think of.
    Yaniv Feldman
    Microsoft Security Regional Director
    Microsoft Management Expert