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Problem after change Global Catalog Server?

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  • Problem after change Global Catalog Server?

    I have a ADS domain with one DC, When i install a new addiontal DC it works fine for network. After that i plane to remove the First DC from my network. so that i transfer the all 5 roles (FSMO) from main DC to Addiontal DC successfully, after that when i uncheck the GC(global Catalog) checkbox from Main DC and check it on addiontal DC. After that when i try to create new user account on Main DC or addiontal DC it failed with error message that GC is not being located.
    Why is this happening as I have do everything?
    Pls let me know if i have done wrong or miss any step.
    Pls help to resolve this problem.

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    After checking the GC checkbox, you need to wait till the DC actually becomes a GC. This takes usually about 15 minutes and is reported in the event log upon success/failure (even ID 1119: "This domain controller is now a global catalog.")

    Only after the second DC becomes a GC, remove the GC role from first DC.
    Guy Teverovsky
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