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DNS & SRV Resource records

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  • DNS & SRV Resource records

    I am running a W2K3 domain with 3 domain controllers. I have been working out several issues brought on by misconfiguration of DNS. Most of my issues are resolved but I have noticed something strange and don't know whether it is by design or if I'm still dealing with some configuration problems. First of all, all of my zones are AD-integrated with secure dynamic updates. I have recently noticed that on one of my DCs the SRV records for all DCs are updating fine and have a recent 2007 timestamp on them. But on the other two DCs when I look at the SRV records in the same zone the timestamp is more than two years old. So I guess what I am wondering that normal? I would think that when an AD replication takes place it would replicate that kind of information as well. I have run replmon and found no errors. Any ideas????