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Question about Win2K3 Sites and Services

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  • Question about Win2K3 Sites and Services

    How would y'all do this?
    We have a parent domain, I have 2 domain controllers at each our main 2 sites, and one at each of our 3 remote sales offices. Each of these locations have their own Site defined in ADSS (Emeryville, Oakville, New York, Chicago, Salt Lake). For management, we have created a new child domain ( We have 7 sites around the country that are going to house domain controllers for this new child domain and the servers that live in each location.

    I have two questions.
    1) For my parent domain, should all of these DCs live in their own site, or should i move them all to a single site, but assign the necessary Subnets to each DC?
    2) For the child domain, should each of the 7 locations have their own site, or should i create a single site and have them all live in the same site?
    2a) These DCs in the child domain, due to network restrictions, can only talk to two specific Domain Controllers in the Head Office. How can I make it so these child DCs do not try and replicate with the ones they cannot talk to over the network. I want to stop the automatic creation of the NTDS links.

    I want this to be setup as cleanly as possible, and keep everything working. We do not have an option of keeping everything in our parent domain. For security reasons, we have to have a child domain to house these servers.

    Please let me know your thoughts, or if what i am saying doesn't make sense.

    Thanks much

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    Re: Question about Win2K3 Sites and Services


    If I understand you right you've five seperate offices in the parent domain and will have 7 seperate offices in the child domain?

    For me I'd create 12 sites. Then you can fine turn replication to suit yourself.

    2a)What you are looking for here are Site Links as oppossed to Site Link Bridges.

    Microsoft have some information on it, scroll down a tiny bit to see a bit of an explaination of Site Links and Site Link Bridges.
    I don't know anything about (you or your) computers.
    Research/test for yourself when listening to free advice.