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Active Directory or something else?

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  • Active Directory or something else?

    I have a new box running XP Pro OEM with SP2 and all updates. I can never copy files to any of the drives, from any of the servers or from other XP boxes.

    I have tried to determine all of the user permissions to see what is different between each XP box, but nothing seems out of order.

    I can log onto every box with my main domain wide username, just to check, and even then it cannot be done.

    Copying from the XP box is allowed. Writing to is not under any attempt and having altered settings to allow Everyone full control for a time.

    The network is run with AD on Win2k AS servers, one as PDC, the other the backup. There are other Win2k AS servers doing other jobs and a couple of XP boxes as email and Office sources for the data sent to the servers.

    Has anyone had such a problem? Is further information required from me?

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    Re: Active Directory or something else?

    Not AD AFAIK, but I'll answer here anyway. Are you trying to connect to a share on your XP box? Then there are TWO sets of permissions: one on the directory; the other on the share.

    Check that NEITHER of them are read only!

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      Re: Active Directory or something else?

      No it's not a share: I am able to use xcopy, etc to and from any other box, but not to the XP box where even if it is using any administrator's account, access is denied.

      I agree it doesn't seem to be AD related, but since I use it and the users are in the Groups, etc., on the AD register, I thought that maybe it could be something wrong there. Not that I can find anything.

      I have checked the users on the XP box, and although, as on other XP Pro machines there is a tendency of the OS to change an administrator to a debugger without advising the SysAdmin, I have verified them and the drive security settings.

      However, wherever the problem lies is impossible to determine: I have discovered that for some reason the application of user sharing was _not_ being saved even when double checked.

      I just spent some time rebooting, and applying user properties: now I can access the drives on the recalcitrant XP Pro box. Finally, an answer. But I am not holding my breath in case the fubar returns.

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