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  • Refresh ADUC display

    I'm running a windows 2000 domain and when i look in "Active Directory Users And Computers" i see three colums : name, type description.

    for example in the history there are two users created :
    First -> RobbyW (Robby Williams), he is displayed RobbyW .
    Second -> Elton John, he is displayed Elton John.

    What is displayed is the displayname in the user properties.
    But when i change the displayname RobbyW to Robby Williams, nothing happens

    When i change the description field of the user it does refresh in the overview.

    My question : Is there any way to refresh the displayname when it is edited ???

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    Re: Refresh ADUC display

    Little correction to your post.
    What you are talking about Display Name is actually "Name" (firstname+initial+last name)
    ADUS will not display "Display Name" in default view.
    You have to add "Display Name" in the Add/Remove columns & it get refreshed as you change it.

    But "Name" do not get refreshed as you highlighted.
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      Re: Refresh ADUC display

      You're right ..., i have added the column "display name"and there it does refresh.

      But then back to my post.

      When i create a user and fill in the first and last name (Robby , Williams) i do see Robby Williams under the collumn name.

      When i create a user and do not fill first/lastname and just fill in RobbyW, i do see RobbyW under the collumn name.

      That's why i thought it should be able to refresh the column name ...


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        Re: Refresh ADUC display

        its just displaying the 2000 logon name i believe, since there is no other data in the other fields, otherwise you would have an account that had an icon and no name... im thinking it makes you a name by force. gotta have it... for display tracking and sids... but not exactly sure.
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