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GPO & windows 2000 printing.

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  • GPO & windows 2000 printing.

    GPO and printing problems

    I am having a few problems on my network all win 2000 clients are on SP4 as well as windows 2000 server, when i log onto the domain i can successfully see the printer and print however when a domain user logs on they get the following error message "no printers are installed. To install a printer point to settings on the windows start menu, click printers and then double click add printer follow the instructions in the wizard"

    find below group policy settings that i have configured:

    Computer configuration\administrative templates\network\printers
    Automatically publish new printers in active directory = enabled
    Check published state =enabled (every 30 mins)
    Directory pruning priority =enabled (normal)
    Directory pruning retry =enabled (6 retries)
    Log directory pruning retry events =enabled
    Pre-populate printer search location =enabled
    Printer browsing =disabled
    Prune printers that are automatically republished =enabled (never)
    Web based printing =enabled

    other other question i have is does Computer configuration overide user configuration in group policy?
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    All those settings are talking about print servers. You, on the other hand, are pointing to client error ("not printer installed").
    You need to install the printers for the users.

    Regarding the GPO: it depends. If the same setting is defined in Computer and User parts, the User settings will usually override (if you are not using loopback, in which case it depends on the loopback mode).

    Take a look at the following thread about the way GPOs are processed:
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      The printer has been installed on the server, hence the reason that it is possible for me to print from the client. It must be soething to do with group policy. Maybe i need to use secedit to update the GPO
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