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Re-install Child Domain Controller

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  • Re-install Child Domain Controller

    I have a somewhat unusual problem (can't find any real documentation on it).

    I have a small office with an AD child domain & one DC there - the "parent" domain is on another server in 30 miles away & they have a VPN connection between them.

    Because of growing Windows 2003 problems, I need to wipe the boot partition on the child DC, reinstall the server, etc.

    Not sure how to handle this. Do I demote the child DC & then wipe it, presuming the parent DC continues to hold the child domain & when I rebuild the child server I can simply "rejoin" the child domain? Or will that create an orphan? Or do I need to remove the child domain all together & "re-create" it after the server is rebuilt?

    I only have one server in each location - its not like I'm replacing the child DC with another box & doing a dcpromo down on one & up on the other...

    And what about the users, file permissions, etc.? They're all lost when I wipe the child DC, right - not held by the parent?

    Guidance please...thanks.

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    Re: Re-install Child Domain Controller

    Hi there,
    the process can not be as simple as you thinking. The best way for you is to install additional domain controller in you child domain. Wait till both of your domain controller synchronize their AD database. Then you backup your domain controller and just plug it off from network. In this way the additional domain controller will look after things whild you would be doing maintainance. After maintainance put your Domain controller back and do unauthorative restore of AD.


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      Re: Re-install Child Domain Controller

      I wish.

      I don't have another server on which to create an additional DC for the child domain.

      Must be another way...


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        Re: Re-install Child Domain Controller

        You really don't need a "server grade" machine to be a second DC. An upgraded desktop machine would work nicely.

        We operate on a shoestring budget and will be adding a third DC by doing just that.

        Put in a SATA(IDE) RAID card. Buy or find two good SATA hard drives (or IDE) and make a mirrored array with them. Put some more RAM in the machine if needed and you're off.

        I would recommend buying a HCL NIC card though. Intel PRO/1000 GT Desktop card has treated us nicely so far.

        It's a quick and dirty way to do it, but it works.

        Of course this all depends on your environment. We have just under 70 users in 4 locations so our DC's are not getting hit very hard at all.

        Even setting a second DC up in a virtual machine on separate hardware from the first DC is better than only having one DC in your domain.

        Best of luck. Let us know how it works out.

        CCA: XenApp 5.0


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          Re: Re-install Child Domain Controller

          I'm talking about a place so cheap there are no available machines of any kind for a low grade server or virtual one.

          I think I really just need to remove the child domain & demote its DC, and either put the rebuillt server in as part of the parent domain across the WAN, or create a different child after its back up.

          I'm just trying to figure out how to make sure the child domain is removed, as all the articles I see are about how to get around removing one fails!