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Multiple Trees in a Single Forest Model

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  • Multiple Trees in a Single Forest Model


    Can anyone advise me on how to achieve this design of AD? I found this article here which explains what the AD will look like

    "Let's say that your organization would like to look at Active Directory and wants to use an external namespace for your design. However, your environment currently uses multiple DNS namespaces and needs to integrate them into the same design. Contrary to popular misconception, integration of these namespaces into a single AD forest can be done through the use of multiple trees that exist in one forest. One of the most misunderstood characteristics of Active Directory is the difference between a contiguous forest and a contiguous DNS namespace. Many people do not realize that multiple DNS namespaces can be integrated into a single Active Directory forest as separate trees in the forest."

    Many thanks

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    Re: Multiple Trees in a Single Forest Model
    its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
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      Re: Multiple Trees in a Single Forest Model

      Thanks James