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  • In and Out of AD

    We moved and our ISP messed up, we don't have service. I brought over the data servers so people can work but I had to leave the domain server with Active Directory and Exchange in the old location for a week or so until I have IP addresses at the new location.

    At the new location and users can not log into the data server as I do not have the domain server here (administrator can). Can I get authentication on the data server until I have what I need to bring the Exchange server back to it and then switch back to the AD?


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    Re: In and Out of AD

    The only thing I can think of, that wouldn't require a ton of un-joining and later rejoining, is to add another DC, make it a GC server and then put it in the new location....I think things should be OK for a week without replication.... but something doesn't seem right with that scenario.... hmm. Well you can do it at your own risk if you want

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      Re: In and Out of AD

      can we handle this problem with configuring the
      "Interactive logon: Number of previous logons to cache " policy.
      before moving clients computers every user logs on from their computer and this loging information is cached in local computer. when users try to log on domain without a DC their cached information is used and they log in like this until DC is moved, too.


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        Re: In and Out of AD

        Two things that might help:

        1. When you say you need ip's at the new location does that mean you are using public ip's on your internal network? If so, can you temporarily assign an ip from a client to the DC and bring the DC over? If you are using private ip's internally then just bring the DC and Exchange over so that internal communication works and worry about external communication later.

        2. Create a local user on the data server and give that user appropriate permissions to the data. Give everyone the local username and password and when they try to connect they should be prompted for credentials, instruct them to authenticate as "dataservername\localuser" (without the quotes) and then the password. After you get back to normal remove the local user permissions and delete the local user.


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          Re: In and Out of AD

          JeremyW's recommendation of setting up another DC is right on the money. I have done this before and there are a few things that you should know to save running between offices to do it. Take one of your data servers that is running the same OS as the DC back to the old office and connect it to the network. Install DNS, promote it to a domain controller and enable global catalog. Make sure that replication takes place then take it back to your new office. Configure the new office computers' DNS setting to point to the DC and users will be able to log on to AD. You can demote the data server from being a DC when your move is complete or keep it as a backup DC. IMHO having 2 DCs is always a good practice.