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Diff Btw Group & OU?

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  • Diff Btw Group & OU?

    Hi All,

    Can anybody tell what' the diffrence between Group and OU.

    Is only delegation the major point here?

    Thanks in Advance.


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    Re: Diff Btw Group & OU?

    There is lot of info available on your Q. on www. Use.

    bUt still would like to give some diff.s: -

    OU is a container in AD which holds diff. type of objects. (Users, Groups etc.)
    It is the lowest unit in ADS where Delegation & GP linking can be applied.

    A group can be a security or distribution group it can hold User Accounts & Other groups. A security group is used to control access to resources.
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      Re: Diff Btw Group & OU?

      Hello Desktopbee.

      It seems like you're fairly new to Active Directory. I would suggest, if you haven't already, picking up some material on Server 2003 and Active Directory. One of the books that helped me the most was a book by Mark Minasi.

      There are many other books out there that cover all aspects of Windows Servers, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server, you name it. They may seem a bit expensive at $40-$80 a piece but that's a pittance compared to what you would pay for classroom training.

      Perhaps the other forum members could share some suggestions as far as learning resources go. I'm kind of curious where some of the Guru's we have here learn what they know.
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