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  • Join domain from different subnet

    Hello Guys,

    I have a couple of workstations who are all windows xp sp2.

    I need to be able to join these workstations to the domain which are remote (not on the local network) but connected through a WAN link which means that they are on a different subnet.
    Is this possible? Is there is any specific configuration I need to do on the routers ie: should I forward certain ports?

    Is there any documentation on this?

    Thank you

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    Re: Join domain from different subnet

    This may help you
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      Re: Join domain from different subnet

      You must have DNS server on your subnet containing record for your Domain controller. If you are using DHCP relay agent it would be helpful. Make sure the DHCP server across you WAN link contain appropirate scope for your subnet computers and well configured for dns, default gateway settings


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        Re: Join domain from different subnet

        You need a site to site VPN between the locations.

        There's plenty of options out there for setting up a VPN and maybe your routers have the ability but here's MS's info about it
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          Re: Join domain from different subnet

          Don't forget to check your routing. You might have data routing one way but not the other which can be determined by a ping across the WAN.

          If you can ping the DC by shortname or FQDN, located in the host network (from the remote network), then you should not have a problem.
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