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  • NT4 PDC to AD

    In the near future I am going to have to install a new server and migrate my network from NT4 Server acting as PDC to an AD setup.

    Anybody have pointers, tips, etc as I begin to plan this out ?

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: NT4 PDC to AD

    yeah, test alot.

    make sure you have a good understanding of the shares and groups in your NT domain...

    then bring a new AD DC online. begin moving shares and testing on the new domain. create a trust, and let both of them operate simultaneously...

    create the new accounts, set up DNS (very important) and read up on the DHCP. you cant have two active scopes, so you must commit to getting it right and not activating the scope till everything is calculated right...

    make you some scripts to reboot all the computers on your domain. this will allow you to test your DHCP without having to go to every department...

    i could go on all day, but your best bet is to read the kb:
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      Re: NT4 PDC to AD

      And the one that tripped me up in my first 2003 install, the default SHARE setting is Everyone Read Only. NT 4.0 the default SHARE setting is Everyone Full Control.

      Depending on the size of your domain, it might be worth looking at Swing Migration as and option. I know it says SBS but I am sure I have read that it support NT4 and up. Can't find the reference as I am having ISP problems at the moment.
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        Re: NT4 PDC to AD

        You could do Swing migration, but I would look at adding another NT4 server and making it a BDC. Take it offline and promote to PDC (ignore warnings). Then upgrade to Win2K. That takes your NT4 domain to AD whilst preserving your existing domain in a working condition.
        Next step is to upgrade 2000 to 2003.
        There are a few gotchas on the way there (a lot, if Exchange is involved!), but that is the basic method.

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