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Add 2000 DC to 2003 Domain.

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  • Add 2000 DC to 2003 Domain.

    We have 2 Windows 2000 server licenses sitting around and would like to use them if possible.

    Right now we only have one DC running on Server 2003.

    We will be adding another 2003 DC in short order but would like to know if there are issues adding a 2000 box to an existing 2003 Domain.

    Domain Functional Level
    Windows 2000 Native

    Forest Functional Level
    Windows 2000

    We are running Exchange 2003 in a Cluster. The Cluster is connected to our NAS storage and runs our file sharing as well.

    As of right now the Domain is functioning but it is not in production. All the users still connect to a Novell 5.1 server for file sharing and Email.

    I've looked around for information on adding a 2000 server to an existing 2003 domain but I've had a lot of trouble comming up with anything.

    Would there be issues if the first 2003 DC died leaving only the 2000 DC up?

    If you are aware of some documentation please let me know. I've been searching for a couple days now and haven't found much.

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    Re: Add 2000 DC to 2003 Domain.

    Oooh this is a good question. Your scheme will obviously be at Windows 2003. When you follow the normal progression path i.e. 2000 to 2003 the 2000 schema is updated to 2003. Also I'm not too sure how this would interact with Exchange.

    I personally dont think this would work but would be interested to see what others think.

    I know you have two spare licenses knocking around but I think you will be better off purchasing another 2003 license and keeping your environment at 2003. With 2008 due out within a year I dont think you should go below Windows 2003

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      Re: Add 2000 DC to 2003 Domain.

      We've actually made our decision. We will be purchasing another 2003 standard license (which we were going to do anyway) and using that instead. One of the 2000 license will be used on another machine as a member server hosting a large array of SATA drives as an all encompassing backup....eventually.

      The name of the game is to squeeze as much use out of existing hardware as possible. With just under 60 users we don't need much.

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