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net send error...

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  • net send error...

    hi all,

    i have a native domain 2000 enviroment, and when i try to send a meesage from the net send, i'm getting the following error.

    the message alias could not be found on the network

    more help is availble by typing net helpmsg 2273.

    any soloutions.?

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    here's the soloution.

    The message alias could not be found on the network.


    This message alias could not be located.


    Check the spelling of the message alias. If it is correct, then the
    computer that is to re
    ceive your message may be busy. Try sending the message again


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      The message alias could not be found on the network.

      Dear Friends,

      This is an error that is generated when the Send To username or computername is not located. This could happen for several different reasons.

      First, you have to make sure the Messenger service is running on the sending computer AND the target computer. To check if the Messenger service is running do the following:
      1. Click on Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services
      2. Scroll down the list until you see the service named Messenger
      3. The status column show the current status of this service. It probably has nothing in that column. It should say "Started".
      4. Also, next to this column is another that says Startup Type. This needs to be Automatic for using Net Send Lite
      5. Double-click on the Messenger service
      6. Change the startup type to Automatic and click Apply
      7. Then click on the Start button to start the Messenger service. Then click OK to close the window.
      Once you are sure the Messenger Service is running please try to send a test message to your own username or computername. Then try the target computer again.

      If you are running Windows XP SP2, then you will have to manually turn on the Messenger Service. You will also have to DISABLE the Windows Firewall or add the Messenger Service as an "exception".

      If you still receive the error message, do this:
      1. Click on Start - Run
      2. Type in cmd.exe
      3. From this console type in "net name"
      4. Listed are the names that your computer can be sent messages TO. (If you get an error message, then your Messenger service is not started correctly. Reboot your system).
      5. Do this on the target computer as well.
      6. Try sending a test message to any of the names listed in this cmd.exe window

      With kind regards,
      Syed Kamal Wasti
      [email protected]
      [email protected]


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        net send error

        very comprehensive solution kamalwasti.

        john, you may also need to turn off other third party firewalls aside from Windows firewall.