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Renaming AD fields

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  • Renaming AD fields

    Hi guys,

    In AD, users have a Telephones tab. There it lists Home, Pager, Mobile, Fax and IP phone.

    I want to rename Pager to Business DDI. Is this possible? It would need to rename for all users, is this something that can be changed in the schema or would I have to do it for every single user?!?

    Thanks for the input.

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    Re: Renaming AD fields

    To change this you would HAVE to change it in the Schema. Bear in mind that this would mean that your Schema would not match anyone else's and that if you intended to run a Schema-Modifying App in the future, it may not like it if it cannot find certain fields. There's also the little thing that once you have changed the Schema, YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT BACK.

    Personally I don't think it's a good idea; I would prefer to educate my user-base that if they want to know someone's business DDI number they should look in the "Pager" field. They would soon get used to it.

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      Re: Renaming AD fields

      Sorry for the delay, been off for a few days.

      Thanks for the reply, I was thinking that was probably the best idea, I may set it to Pager or IP Phone, not sure whats best yet!



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        Re: Renaming AD fields

        I had to set the number in the Home field.

        The reason is that we are rolling out Mobile 5 & 6 Devices, and I wanted to display both mobile and DDI numbers when "Find Online / Search Directory".

        Within our AD, I have set Business Phone to the internal extension, so that when you open Address Book in Outlook, you get the list of names and their extensions as a "quick-to-view-phone-book"

        Thanks for the help, didn't think there was a simple solution to renaming, we'll just have to make users of the devices aware that home number actually means DDI number!