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Dcpromo errors

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  • Dcpromo errors

    Does anyone know of the following error I am getting when trying to add an additional DC to a domain. it's a 2003 server adding to additional 2000 servers.

    The operation failed because:
    This active directory installation requires domain configuration changes, but whehter these changes have been made on the domain controller ***** is undetermined. The installation process has quit
    The specified server cannot perform the requested operation

    I have run adprep /forestprep and domainprep and left it a few hours for replication to occur between sites. This installation has to run over 2 separate wan links (and also 3 firewalls). 1 to the dc's that are dns servers and 1 to the infrastructure master.

    I think I've the ports open but not fully sure, would anyone know the required ports? Or have any advice??

    Thanks, Paul

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    Re: Dcpromo errors

    Have you ran ADPREP??


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      Re: Dcpromo errors

      not sure what your after but this may point you in the right direction..

      System Services for the Windows Server 2003

      How to configure a firewall for domains and trusts


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        Re: Dcpromo errors

        In addition to Wullie's wise words on making this work (oops, that word again), if you are using Windows 2003 Server SP1 R2, the ADPREP files are on Disk 2 of the set.

        Hammo, you first link is not working. Any chance of a putting the full link? Looks like it has been copied from another post where it has been truncated and you copied the truncated version (done that myself )
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