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  • reporting software

    howdy. here's what i'm looking for/need to do:

    we got a pretty small company with only about 80 users in the ad. some shares are mapped via ou's/groups (project managers get rights to the 'logistics' folder); some users are given specific permissions (bob can read/write 'logistics\ups').

    my boss wants a report on each user, and which shares they have access to. i set up an ldap query, but that info just isn't there. is there a native solution or 3rd party app someone can recommend?


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    Re: reporting software

    Have you ever tried AccessEnum
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      Re: reporting software

      thx, lior_s. pretty interesting. not exactly what we need. i suppose i'll be looking into some 3rd party app. one of the problems with accesenum is that it won't start at the root of a server. it needs \\server\share as a starting path (unless i'm missing something. very likely!).

      ya know, maybe i should have posted this in 'networking.' i guess i was using 'ad' synonymously with 'domain.' i suppose what i really want is a tool that will scan every folder on the domain and give me user|folders in either an mdb or csv so i can sort as i like.

      that make sense?