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An Active Directory Replication problem

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  • An Active Directory Replication problem

    I've a W2K and a W2K3 servers . Both of them DC and share the same Active Directory.
    Replication from the 2003 server to the 2000 , runs OK , but in the oposite way I receive the following error messages:
    "Active Directory failure with code 0x800721a6"
    replication failure " because the time since the last replication with this server has exeeded the tombstone lifetime".
    I didn't find an explanation about the error code, and I don't knoe how to repair the AC DB to eliminate tombstone.
    Pls. Help!!

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    You are in a nasty situation, my friend...

    Some background:
    When an object is deleted from AD it is not purged at the same moment. Most of it's attributes, accept the most important ones, are stripped and the object is moved to "Lost and Found" container in the form of tombstone.
    The tombstone is purged from AD after the "tombstone life period" which is by default 60 days.

    Why this works this way ? Well, that greatly simplifies the restore process of accidentially deleted objects.

    So you might ask: "why should the DCs care about tombstone life period when replicating ?

    Consider the following scenario:

    1. DC1 has replication problems with the rest of DCs (but all other DCs replicate fine among themselves)
    2. You delete user Joe on DC2
    3. The objects becomes a tombstone on DC2 and the tombstone is replicated to all DC (except DC1) in the form of tombstone.
    4. After tombstone lifetime, each DC does some housekeeping and purges the tombstone.
    5. At this point all DC (except DC1) do not have the object anymore in AD
    6. You fix DC1 and restore the replication
    7. Joe's account has not been deleted on DC1, and is now re-introduced to other DCs in the forest, because DC1 has never received information about Joe's account deletion

    Back to you replication issues. It appears that W2K3 has failed to replicate from W2K for the last 60 days.

    The simplest resolution in your case would be:
    1. dcpromo W2K3 down
    2. dcpromo it back up
    3. make sure replication is working in BOTH directions
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      Re: An Active Directory Replication problem


      I got the same issue replmon shwoing replication not working with child domain.
      I got following error?

      is there anyway to fix this without demote?

      Event Type: Error
      Event Source: NTDS Replication
      Event Category: Replication
      Event ID: 1864
      Date: 22/04/2007
      Time: 11:13:04 PM
      Computer: MEL-PDC
      This is the replication status for the following directory partition on the local domain controller.

      Directory partition:

      The local domain controller has not recently received replication information from a number of domain controllers. The count of domain controllers is shown, divided into the following intervals.

      More than 24 hours:
      More than a week:
      More than one month:
      More than two months:
      Tombstone lifetime (days):
      Domain controllers that do not replicate in a timely manner may encounter errors. It may miss password changes and be unable to authenticate. A DC that has not replicated in a tombstone lifetime may have missed the deletion of some objects, and may be automatically blocked from future replication until it is reconciled.

      To identify the domain controllers by name, install the support tools included on the installation CD and run dcdiag.exe.
      You can also use the support tool repadmin.exe to display the replication latencies of the domain controllers in the forest. The command is "repadmin /showvector /latency <partition-dn>".

      For more information, see Help and Support Center at
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