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    We have a 2k3 domain and an NT4 domain. A couple of years ago they were on the verge of migrating the entire NT4 domain--ADC connector in place, ground work done--when the internal political change called a hault to it and everything stopped: 1/2 the company on one domain 1/2 on the other.

    Now that the individuals behind the initial migration plan have left, they've decided this is our #1 priority.

    The problem is the ADC, or rather some of the NT admins perception of the ADC. THe ADC is replicating the NT users and as they are showing up as disabled, the NT admins are getting confused and trying to associate mailboxes with these accounts--even deleting some of these accounts (and mailboxes).

    I would like to "break" this replication but keep the public folder replication. Our ADC connectors shows the following: Public Folders and Users. Ultimately, I'd like to remove these accounts and not turn this on until the week before I start the project

    If I stop/delete the ADC for users but leave public---what will be the ramifications? Any? What about removing these accounts--aside from the obvious that they are associated with the Exchange accounts, or with this option not replicating, will this still even be an issue if I delete these accounts?

    Suggestions? Ideas? I'm not finding anything obvious out there but I may be using the wrong search criteria.