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AD Domains & Trusts - Remove Forest?

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  • AD Domains & Trusts - Remove Forest?


    Thanks for allowing me to post here. I've been searching for many technical solutions lately and this site has come up frequently. I've found many of the how-to articles to be extremely helpful.

    I'm currently testing a forest redesign where is being renamed/migrated to in a new forest. Somewhere along the way I configured a trust in for However, it doesn't show up on the "Trusts" tab of the domain. It actually shows up as a separate domain in the AD Domains and Trusts. no longer exists but I can't figure out how to remove it. It doesn't have any servers left in AD and various references on netdom, ntdsutil don't provide a way to remove the orphaned domain.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: AD Domains & Trusts - Remove Forest?

    Nevermind! Found the answer in KB230306. Sorry!


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      Re: AD Domains & Trusts - Remove Forest?

      Please, no need to be sorry. You posted back with a solution that you found yourself. Very well done and others may find your thread useful in the future. We appreciate that sort of community spirit!!
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