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  • Custom Attributes / Extension Attributes

    One can edit and assign values to Custom Attributes on the 'Exchange Advanced 'tab in ADUC.
    These attributes are also available for users without Exchange mailbox, but how does one edit the values in ADUC??? The 'Exchange Advanced' tab does not display!
    Someone mentioned that there could be a DLL available to display these for editing purposes. The only one I can find is the 'acctinfo.dll' which does not display these custom attributes.

    Please help!


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    Re: Custom Attributes / Extension Attributes

    I dont have much to do with exchange but I think you have to be a member of "exchange admins" to get that extra tab...

    Even though you may be a domain/enterprise admin you might be missing that membership?


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      Re: Custom Attributes / Extension Attributes

      You do not need any special permissions to get those tabs. The problem is that those tabs will not show for accounts that are not either mailbox enabled or mail enabled.

      You can get away with tweaking displaySpecifiers. There is an example on Daniel's website:

      Other options would include using adsiedit.msc or some command line tool like admod/dsmod/etc...
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