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  • Different authentication methods

    I am troubleshooting a Microsoft CRM 3.0 installation and while I am aware that this is not an CRM forum, my research and debugging have left me to suspect that the AD part of the environment is somehow to blame. So please bear with me.

    The scenario is a Win2003 native domain with seperate servers running CRM, SQL, Exchange and the Domain Controller. There are few companies involved, each in a seperate OU in the same Domain. The CRM installation went according to plan and works fine through browser while the Outlook client addin fails with an authentication problem (according to Event viewer). After extensive debugging and researching in the CRM communities without luck, I tried running MS Network Monitor and what happens is that when CRM is accessed through browser the Network Monitor catches a lot of traffic and everything is fine. When running Outlook, there is no traffic to the CRM server, only between the client machine and the Domain Controller. So, apparently, when a user opens Outlook, he is authenticated in the AD/Exchange as normal but what happens with his CRM authentication ? Can anyone clarify this for me ?

    The IIS on the CRM server uses Integrated Authentication and the CRM installation is pretty much out of the box while the AD Structure is somewhat complexed due to the multiple company thing (it is a sort of an ASP setup actually with some security issues, ie the Exchange default Global Address list has been deleted and instead there are different address list for each company plus some policies to prevent users from one OU to see users in a different OU etc.). I suspect the root to my problems might be in this configuration.

    Anyway, all help or suggestions greatly appreciated.