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    hello peeps,

    I'm creating a phone list from our active directory. There are a couple of issues I've come across which someone can hopefully point me in the right direction.

    (a) We have a couple of "shared" logons - i.e. 2 or 3 people in a department that logon with the same account (e.g. Reception - there is only 1 PC, and the 3 receptions work shifts).
    Now in the phone list I want say 3 contacts with the the receptionist names, not 1 record of Reception.
    However, I cannot attach the Exchange email address of [email protected] to each contact, as it already exists for the Reception user.

    How do I get around this? (If possible?)

    (b) How do I attach a picture to the user in AD?

    I'm aiming to retrieve the data via if that's any help, I'm looking at creating an admin front end for our IT dept. to edit user details (I'm not bothered about adding users, I do that through the AD user and computer tool).

    Thanks for your time and help.


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    Re: Exchange Contacts in AD

    Give each user their own mailbox and allow the "Reception" user full permissions and "Send As" rights on the "Reception" mailbox and the individual mailboxes. They can then open their Outlook with their "Private" mailbox as primary and open the "Reception" mailbox as an additional.

    The downside to this is, that all three receptionists would have access to all three "Private" mailboxes... the only way I can see around that is, to stop them using a "Generic" login - which I happen to think is a bad idea anyway.

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