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  • GPO Compare Tool

    Does anyone know of a good GPO compare tool?

    Id like to have the ability to compare 2 GPO's - I know quest have a tool but it has a number of other functions for GPO management that we simply dont need/want.

    We just want a tool that can compare 2 GPO's and report on the differences between them.

    Anyone know of a good tool?

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    Re: GPO Compare Tool

    found one..

    looks pretty good. if you know of any others let me know


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      Re: GPO Compare Tool

      Also take a look at Active Administrator from ScriptLogic - it's been a while since I used it and I do not recall whether it has the required functionality, but it has some very nice features for versioning, archiving and managing GPOs.
      Guy Teverovsky
      "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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        Re: GPO Compare Tool

        Cheers GuyT,

        Im trialling the scriptlogic app atm

        I found a list of GPO compare tools here if anybody is looking for GPO management tools (not necessarily GPO comparing but this list got me started)