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Remote Administration?

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  • Remote Administration?

    I'm wondering, and I'm sure I'm missing a simple step, but how do I manage my Active Directory w/o having access to the server that is the DC? We have a small network (test bed) with 1 server as the DC and 2 workstations. How can I modify users and group policies from my WS and not the Server?

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    Assumption: Windows 2003

    The simplest method would be to use Remote Desktop.

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      Assumption incorrect:


      So there's not a utility like there was in NT4 Domains?


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        There is an adminpak that has the tools you want.

        Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack (Works with 2000)

        How to use Adminpak.msi to install a specific server administration tool in Windows;en-us;314978

        How to remotely administer Windows Server-based computers by using Windows XP Professional-based clients or Windows Server 2003-based clients;en-us;304718


        I still prefer Terminal Services/Remote Desktop, it is much easier and powerful.

        On the 2000 server go to Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs->Windows Components, select the option to add Terminal Services. When the install is complete you will be asked if you would like to run TS in remote admin or application mode, select remote admin mode. You should then be prompted to reboot - do it.

        You can then access the box with the Remote Desktop client from any machine as long as you are a member of the domain admins group, or a user with interactive logon privileges on the box (assuming you allow user accounts to logon).

        --- Download Remote Desktop Client

        To give non administrators Terminal Service (Remote Administration)

        This must be done on a server to server level, If you require a lot of users create a group called TSRemoteUsers in active directory and add your users into the group, then carry out the steps below. Iíll assume we are only dealing with a couple of users.

        I'll assume you have Terminal Services (Administration Mode) installed and running on the server, if not open Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs->Windows Components->Terminal Services, when prompted ensure "Remote Administration" is selected.

        1. Using an admin account open a remote admin session to the server in question.
        2. Click Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->Terminal Services Configuration
        3. Click Connections
        4. In the right hand pane r-click the RDP-TCP connector and select properties
        5. On the permissions tab click "ADD"
        6. Add your user/group in here and select the appropriate level of access.

        If it isn't working ensure you not in application mode (Unless you require it.)

        Change Between Remote Administration and Application Server Mode;EN-US;238162

        ** Remember to give credit where credit is due and leave reputation points sigpic where appropriate **


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          I'll take your advice.