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Active Directory and The "MAC" OS

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  • Active Directory and The "MAC" OS

    Hi All,

    I am looking for any utilities or ideas maybe an integration plan or whatever on combining about thirty xservers and active directory. Also implementing "Policies" and authenticating against the active directory.

    This is a k-12 large city school system in financial straights, so whatever it is should be as inexpensive as possible. thanks in advance for any help.


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    you might find this one helpful:
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      Hi roberoo,

      If you need to implement a "My Document" folder or a shortcut to a network share on each MAC client desktop please let me know. I'll show you how I got it set up for each user


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        Hi Azmantek,

        Yes i would like to know how you set it up on each machine. By the way thanks for the info on My Scripts posting it helped greatly. Are you working in a school environment?



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          Hi Azmantek,

          Could you please also show me how you set it up on each machine.



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            is there a way of logging onto a windows 200/2003 network as usual with a mac so that numerous users can use the machine with my doc's and mapped shared drives etc.. Obviously without using an xserver!


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              try this...

              - On the menu bar click on go connect to server
              - Type the servers name or IP address in the server address field
              - Enter a username and password that has access to the server
              - Choose the shared folder you wish to mount

              Make sure that the shared folder is available for Macintosh clients. Hjope this helps


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                thanks, that solved the shared folder problem but still they can't recieve group policy etc... it seems the more I look into unix/linux etc it is pretty crude networking even though it is free


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                  Hi Jonny,

                  I am in the same boat. There seems to be no "native" windows or Mac way of using gpo or in MAC worgroup manager.

                  I have found these other software solutions checkout OCTETString and Admit Mac. They seem to have a level of ad administration capabilities. Both are a little pricey.

                  Hope this helps some.