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My Document redirection...!

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  • My Document redirection...!

    Hello all....
    I have Win 2003 Standard and I want to make this:
    I would like to login to an account from all the pc's in the network and I want to have the "my documents" folder allways update.
    I simply use the pc 1 for 10 minutes and I create a text file which I save it in the "my documents" folder.
    After 30 minutes I go to the pc 25 and when I login with my account (username and password) I want to see in my documents the text file that I was created in the pc 1.

    Sorry for my English...
    Best Regards....
    I try the folder redirect but I cann't do that work.
    Please advise step by step if possible.....

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    Re: My Document redirection...!

    I try the desktop redirection and everything is ok.

    But I still got problem with the "My Documents" redirection.
    I make exactly the same like I did with the desktop but nothing happens.... And when I make a right click-properties in the "My Documents" icon on the desktop I can see that the shortcut of the "My Documents" is in the local C and not in the server share folder.

    Any suggestion? Anyone.......?


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      Re: My Document redirection...!

      We dont use folder redirection. We simply specify the home drive in each users AD properties. My Documents is then set to the correct location.
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