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"Access" denied while adding Win2k3 machine to domain

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  • "Access" denied while adding Win2k3 machine to domain

    I am confused where to submit my problem. Under Windows 2000/2003 or Active Directory. Much of it is releted to AD. So here I am .

    Problem : I get message while adding "Windows 2003 STD edition with SP1" fresh machine to my domain as a "additional DC".

    Details : On last Sunday we upgraded our existing Windows 2000 domain to 2003. Previous version of Windows 2000 server was "Windows 2000 Professional Server". We done adprep , domain prep. Migration on the same server of Windows server 2003 std edition was successful. It showed respective logs too.
    It also upgraded Schema from v.13 to v.30 . We dont have "Win2k3 STD R2 release".

    All FSMO roles are running on the domain. We have 2 DC's. both DC's running Windows 2000 server professional edition. Both DC holds "Global Catalog" server
    role. DNS is installed on the domain server.

    I am trying to add a new server which is "Windows Server 2003 STD edition with SP1" to my existing domain as a "additional domain controller". It finds the domain.
    I give "Domain Admin" credentials. It search NTDC, find entries, replication process done, and at last screen it shows error "Access Denied". Can not add "ABC$" pc to domain. Password of domain admin is correct & password for "Active directory restore" is different from the current domain admin password. What is the likely problem?

    Yesterday night I created additional DNS on 1 of the DC's . I found several article's at Microosft but not helpful at all. I restarted all DC's, Exchange server 2003 & domain. From last 2 days my "domain server" which we upgraded to Win2k3 stops responding after I connect via "Remote Desktop". If I work on it continously , it never stucks. Is it neccesary to update "Terminal Service"? I downloaded appropiate drivers for Win2k3 . I am having IBM X series server which is our domain server. Any suggesions ?

    Thank you,
    Amey Abhyankar.
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    Re: "Access" denied while adding Win2k3 machine to domain

    -Run netdiag and dcdiag
    -Check event log for errors
    -Check dcpromo.log for errors
    -Active Directory Diagnostic Logging

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      Re: "Access" denied while adding Win2k3 machine to domain

      What happens if you add the server as a member server first??