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    First let me say i am a AD noob.

    I have been a long time broswer, first time poster. I have been giving from what I precieve to be a diffcult task. Here is my issue.

    I have 22 users that need to have access to a folder that no one can use or see. These users still need to have access to their home drive, as well. How would I go about this?????

    Sorry if this vague, I am not sure on how to word this problem

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    Re: Drive Mapping

    OK, I understand the following:

    My users have a home drive which only they can see. They wish to keep this. They also wish to have access to another folder which all 22 can see, but nobody else can.

    Is this correct?

    If so, do the following.
    • Create a group in AD and add all the 22 users to it
    • Create a folder on the server at the root of a drive
    • "Share" the folder with a short name plus a "Dollar" sign - for instance "Shared$"
    • Set "Share" permissions to "Everyone - Full control"
    • On the security tab, add the group you created earlier and give them everything BUT "Full Control" (in the "Allow" column - do not put any ticks in the "Deny" column). Also add "Administrators" from the local server, and select "Full Control".
    • On one of the user's workstations, right-click "My Computer" and select "Map Network Drive"
    • in the dialog box, select a letter for the drive (you should give them all the same drive letter)
    • In the "Folder" box, type in "\\<server name>\Shared$" without the quotes
    • Tick "Reconnect at Logon" if it is not already ticked
    • Click "OK".

    Next time the user logs on, the drive will be there. Only those 22 users will have access to it. The will be able to do EVERYTHINGexcept (a) take ownership or (b) change permissions. You, as Domain Admin, will be able to do whatever you like.
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