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Configuring DNS on multiple DCs in a single domain

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  • Configuring DNS on multiple DCs in a single domain

    Hello, this is my first post here at pretri. I have found the FAQs and Instructional information at this site very helpful. I have some questions and figured this would be the best place to get some answers. Here goes...

    This is my scenario, I work in a public library which has 18 branches and currently running on a NT4 domain. Both PDC and BDC are located in the central office. Staff members are the only ones joined to the domain. Public PCs are in a workgroup environment. I would like to finally bring the IT department to the 21st century and have them run on a 2003 AD domain. I've had some experiences here and there configuring simple 2k3 domains, but nothing like this. I have an idea of how I would like to set this up.

    - First, I want it as simple as possible. One domain, to be shared with both Staff
    and Public. I intend to use GP and the MS Shared toolkit GP template for
    restricting the public users.

    - The first DC will be in the central office. DNS will be installed in the DC itself.

    - Install DC on all other sites (branches). Will plan to install a copy of the Global
    Catalog on each site's DC.

    - Link between sites is via MetroE (10mbs), except for one site that operates at
    500kbs. Internet access and network services are provided by our central
    branch. Cost factors do not allow for each branch to have their own internet

    I would like it for each library to have network redundancy in terms of logging to the domain. For example, If the DC in the Central branch goes down, users are not affected at the local branch and able to login. If the DC at the local branch goes down, then the users can connect to the DC at the Central branch to login. If the WAN goes down on the local branch, user will still be able to be login to the domain and access their LOCAL shared files in the site's DC.

    How do I properly configure DNS in mutiple DCs/Sites in a single domain?
    Do I set each additional DC to look at the DNS at the central office? Or do I create DNS servers on each additional DC and make it point to itself for DNS. If so, how does it tie in to the existing DNS at the central office.

    I took some of the AD and DNS Train Signal CBTs and learned a couple of things, however they really didn't go into detail on the additional DC scenarios. I need a DNS solution that will address the points stated above. Can someone give me ideas or point me to website that does cover a similar scenario. I'd appreciate.
    Thank you and sorry for the long post.

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    Re: Configuring DNS on multiple DCs in a single domain

    Hi kiwikenji, welcome to the forums!
    Good job on your first post! It's well laid out and informative.

    My initial thought is to make all the DCs DNS server as well and configure the zones as AD Integrated.

    An AD-Integrated zone is stored in an AD partition and will replicate through AD replication.

    But I don't have a multi-site environment to work with so I'm sure others will chime in with their experience.

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      Re: Configuring DNS on multiple DCs in a single domain

      Build your first DC with an AD Integrated DNS Zone for your AD DNS. When you build all your other DC's the necessary DNS will be replicated with AD automatically.

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        Re: Configuring DNS on multiple DCs in a single domain

        Hi there,

        Though it looks like you are in the right direction, I would strongly suggest reading the Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Branch Office Guide. It covers in details the scenario you are facing and will help you quite a lot when designing the migration.
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          Re: Configuring DNS on multiple DCs in a single domain

          Thank you all for your feedback. Guy, the documentation you recommended was exactly what I've been looking for. I browsed through it quickly and it seems to explain everything in detail. I will start reading it this afternoon, hopefully by next week I should be able to implement DNS correctly. Thanks again for your support, I'll keep everyone informed on how it goes...