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Missing Start Menu Items on ADS profiles

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  • Missing Start Menu Items on ADS profiles

    Hey all!

    The title of this thread reflects the problem...

    We have come across at least 2 individual profiles (so far) within our Active Directory domain that when they log onto any XP Pro machine, their start menu is missing all of the items normally found there.

    Now, that being said, one would suggested going into those machines and adjusting the settings to show these items, ie; Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. Those return to this 'new' default setting which when changed, still will not show any items on the XP style start menu.

    I placed this thread in this section because it is occuring on roaming ADS profiles for these users.

    Any suggestion or direction, no matter how small is greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Missing Start Menu Items on ADS profiles

    Could it be that they are still logged into another box? It was my understanding first box logged in last box logged out to properly sync the profile stored in shares.

    Have you tried recreating their roaming profiles?
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      Re: Missing Start Menu Items on ADS profiles

      That is what we had to do, had to delete the profile completely from our AD, then recreate it.

      We tried just removing their profile folders, that seem to work, once we removed the profile from AD and recreated it, the problem was solved!

      Thanks for the reply!!