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Domain relationships

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  • Domain relationships

    if there are two separate networks (lets suppose DomainA and DomainB)

    DomainA is at the top and DomainB is bottom

    when i logon i see both domains but i can only use DomainB to logon OR the local computer...DomainA is there as option, but it is not available

    from what i have figured....DomainB trusts DomainA but not the other way round

    since i have access to local computer without logging into any domain.....can i configure my computer to log into domainA??

    i went to computer >> properties>> domain and i changed to the new domain....but it was not found....

    can anyone help me in this one

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    Re: Domain relationships

    OK, lets start by getting some information out of you.

    What OS are we talking about?

    When you DCPROMO'd the domain controllers for each domain, how did you answer The Questions?

    Is DNS up and running, and working from everywhere? Do you get any useful info out of DCDIAG?

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      Re: Domain relationships

      all the clients are windows xp pro .... i know that only 2003 server have those programs (dcdiag and dcpromo)....

      basically i just want one computer from each network to access each other... i could use something like pcanywhere....but i have local admin access to both computers (in both domain computers)

      i just want to be able to use the drive on the computer in DOmainA, through my computer in domainB using the psexec tool (instead of moving about)...but the problem (as you know) is that i cant see domainA